Effects of Vitamin B12 Deficiency: Psychosis Anyone?


If you are totally vegan as was I when I was a fruitarian and only ate fruit for months with one exception when I ate cheese, then you can get severe Vitamin B12 deficiency as did I.

If you have an awesome family friend like Dr. Richard Kunin, M.D. then when you show up skeletal at Thanksgiving break, he has you tested for B12 deficiency and if you have no B12 level and almost complete liver failure, then you are fortunate.

He never knew that Fr. Miles Riley pushed me over the edge because his penis protruding into me drove my virginal self crazy. I went psychotic totally. He fractured my soul into psychosis and afflicted me with a scourge I have yet to recover from today.

I was sent to a psychiatrist and so into the mental health system I went as Callie the Spy. It’s been a long strange trip.

Now I write again. I am hungry. I want food but have little money left for the month into next month that has to last until the 3rd. So I try to plan well.

What about transportation? Well the trustee says to take a cab or Uber but I did after the vaxx booster where I recovered at the Extended Stay. These vaxxes had made me either depressed or manic each time and this time has been no different. I was fine at the Extended Stay where I am close to any kind of care I need. Not where I live in this rickety townhome about ready to be demolished.

The construction is shoddy but the architecture is great. Oh well! It’s time for trustee to make his shitty move. He’s ready to commit suicide. He just is. He’ll blame me. I told his lawyer to prepare. He’s a lousy lawyer. He won’t call the police to do a welfare check on him.

I am just preparing to write his obituary because I remain a reporter while he was just a communications major. Oh well.


Exorcist Diary #195: Demons Tortured by St. Michael Prayer

[“St. Michael and the Dragon,” Antonio del Pollaiolo, c. 1460-1470] I strongly encourage those afflicted by demons to regularly attend Mass. But I know that it is difficult for them, especially for the fully possessed. When someone is possessed, there is a kind of interpenetration of the bodies of the possessed with demons. Thus, the possessed will often feel some of what the demons feel. So their lives will, at times, be a living hell– literally. For example, when placed in contact with an
— Read on www.catholicexorcism.org/post/exorcist-diary-195-demons-tortured-by-st-michael-prayer

Still Not Chased

The wretched bank and thieves gave ruined my life and peace of mind as it’s open season on my credit and financial life.

C’est last Vie

I have tried for days to pay my bills oh no! The mega bank is big and getting bigger.

The White Knight To The Rescue Once Again

Taking olanzapine at hospital doses is old hat for me. I wanted brand name Zyprexa but the generic version still works and I took hospital dosage because I need it.

I have no problem do so. None whatsoever. My brain chemistry is not normal at all since the priest abused me. I cannot say exactly why for sure but anyone who has had psychosis would remember their first psychotic break. It is unmistakable.

It’s like people who think it’s no big deal to be raped—just get over it. Well if they’d ever been raped they would not say that because everything changes after rape.

Nothing is ever safe again—ever—and there is no place to hide. Nothing is sacred and there are no sacred spaces ever. It’s a free-for-all/open season with no boundaries to be invaded endlessly.

At least olanzapine provides some space from the living, waking nightmares. It is a protection so that even if raped while on it, life can still go on and rational thought can still occur and I can plot how to extricate myself from this merry go round of endless pornified life I have been enslaved in by my family.

It’s not my will to be caught in this mess and dragged down in the sewer constantly and then blamed for debasing the world.

I am not profiting from it and don’t want to be in it and abhor it. So now what?

I know not. The stigma is real. I am blamed for enslaving the world because they are enjoying watching my degradation. It’s fun I guess. Entertainment for *them* not for me. I hate it and I hate how it feels to have lusting people rape me. So go ahead and blame me.I am the victim of your lust and despise you for giving the rotten porn energy to kill my soul.

Have fun. Get off. I have never watched it and don’t want to. It’s your sin, not mine.

Porn destroys lives and addicts and enslaves. Watch it and you are contributing to the rape of souls.

Caveat emptor.

The only thing that gives me real peace is the life of Rabia. She escaped and found her Beloved. It’s what helps me most is her example.