Why does everything have to have chocolate or alcohol for celebration? I celebrated Cinco de Mayo by wearing my Virgin of Guadalupe t-shirt and sweatshirt in bluegrass bright green xxlarge t-shirt and hot pink xxlarge sweatshirt to Bridgehaven Mental Health Services for my brain rehab session.

I moved to Kentucky to go there for help with my brain injury. It’s a dream come true!

I am in a select group in Cognitive Enhancement Therapy which meets once a week.

How to Make A PBJ Sandwich Even My Picky Foodie Mother Loved

What to make for a foodie Mom for lunch?

When Spago-haunting Mom dropped in to move me into my new digs, what to make for lunch for her?

It all begins and ends with the best ingredients. In Billings, Montana in 2004, it was Great Harvest honey whole wheat bread, organic peanut butter with just peanuts and a fruit sweetened jam with no sugar added just fruit juice sweetened.

Tonight as I write on the cement steps of my place in Georgetown, Kentucky next to the sign with squirrels proclaiming Welcome to the Nut House, I have beside me from Kroger’s nearby a Wildflour Bakehouse Honey Whole Wheat Loaf, Sweet Ella’s Organic Peanut Butter, and Smucker’s Simply Fruit Strawberry Fruit Spread (no sugar fruit sweetened).

With a name like Smucker’s, it’s got to be good, as the ads proclaimed. Ah, yes. The sun sets and I am free to report that the recipe for success in pleasing my mother’s foodie palate was quality ingredients. She said that PBJ sandwich was the best she’d ever eaten.

I doubt I’ll get the certification completed to be a macrobiotic healing chef, but at least I will remember she paid for me to go to a face-to-face training at the Kushi Institute in Becket, Massachusetts in 2003 from my special needs trust money. In the past month I have lost more blogs than I have posted because my phone deletes them.

Tonight I will post without a photo so that does not happen. It’s a rebirth of the MacroBlogINK that is lost to me now. I just have to move on and find a way that does not depend upon tech mastery.

The stigma of being brain disordered and tech adverse is alive and well. I began this blog on stigma as an assignment from a Power greater than myself and today it is renewed, as am I.

Namaste on this May Day.

The door from Hell. Duct-taped to keep out the drafts from the warped door that won’t shut with a 5 gallon water bottle and feed bags to keep it closed. The glass is cracked too, like the fractured fairy tale of a broken trustee’s wretched values…Welcome to my world as a trust fund baby!