Taco Bell To Expand?


Having learned of bean burritos fresco style from plant-strong Dr. Neal Barnard, M.D., I tried one again to test the waters.

Many vegetarian options exist at the Yum chain brand, and in the U.K. vegetarians are more plentiful. Maybe it’s because Game-Changers is a British documentary. I think I may go to my grave before it’s reviewed by a major U.S. newspaper. Oh well!

Why is health reporting so much better in the U. K. then in the States?

If I were a betting person, which I am not because I cannot afford it, I’d bet on Taco Bell succeeding in the United Kingdom. They are responsive to customers and deliver a tasty meal for a low price. I have $1.03 left in my bank account but for $1.79 I had a burrito which sticks to my ribs more than most.

For Cinco de Mayo I had 5 bean burritos but this is the end of the month. I eat in bulk and this comes closest to what my doctor ordered other than plain baked potatoes at Wendy’s.

Life as a trust fund baby is cool when Santa Muerte is in charge of your trust fund. The Death Rider has not yet taken me, thank goodness. Bone (sic) appetite to the Ole Miss!


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