The Old Orchid Blooms Again…

Two Valentine’s Daze ago I celebrated with an orchid of violet flame color. It’s the hue of forgiveness–supposedly.

It eventually lost its flowers. Maybe most would toss it out into the trash.

I didn’t.

I kept watering it each week once a week around Sundaes to sublimate what was one my favorite binge food–one I could not live without.

I couldn’t imagine going one day without ice cream which was i-scream for 31 flavors of bliss. Alas, it rarely arrived.

Sometimes I could reach climactic heights but mostly the best part of my day was defecating. I kid you not. That was it.

I didn’t have genital psoriasis to scratch then–no. To scratch an intense itch is IT.

Now my violet orchid blooms again. The old plant is riotous in color and bloom. I did fertilize it with seaweed fertilizer once.

Other than that, it was honoring the old plant with barren sticks and not much else.

Welcome Home Israel, mi casa su casa!

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