Busted Flat In Matted Rouge

It’s open season for no good reason except the cruelty of women.

I do not expect anyone to do anything to help me and why should they? It’s not their circus, not their monkeys.

This is my particular burden. It just is. And this blog bears witness to the stigma of being disabled mentally.

I have $100 to my name right now, no checking account, no savings account and now no credit cards. I do have coins which are an emergency fund worth about $2,000.

So now I get to see if canceling all cards gets me financial freedom Dave Ramsey style. Maybe it will.

Maybe it won’t.

At least I will have something to report. That’s the beauty of being a freedom writer.

We’ll see.

Being hungry is not a bad thing sometimes and I do have food at home. I have grain and beans and there’s plenty of dandelions growing. They taste great with balsamic vinegar.

I just remembered I have Plantstrong kitchari meals left. That’s a real blessing.

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