The Great Chain of Being

Saw this at Bridgehaven Mental Health Services where I am in treatment for trauma and brain injury rehab.

Cognitive Enhancement Therapy was developed by the National Institute if Mental Health to help people with paranoid schizophrenia recover and work if they so chose to. I do not have that diagnosis but at one point my brother and sister-in-law tried to convince my psychiatrist that I did.

They were unsuccessful but they did get him to change my diagnosis to schizoaffective disorder because while I did not meet the criteria for ongoing psychosis, my psychiatrist think I was delusional in believing my brother and his wife were out to get me.

They are true operators. They really are. People of the Lie to the core, they deal in delusions as in they are dealers of selling this their drug of choice: prevarication.

“There are those too who have grave mental and emotional disorders but that can and do recover IF they have the capacity to be honest” says Bill W.’s recovery manual Alcoholics Anonymous. (Emphasis mine)

My family may well be constitutionally incapable of being honest. It may be that my brother’s pineal gland is calcified by fluoride toxicity as his teeth showed it when a child.

I don’t know.

It would have to have a SPECT scan or an autopsy or something to determine it for sure. I am not sure what my sister-in-law’s issue is except for witchcraft, as I saw her black candles and paraphernalia when I helped them move many many years ago. Then she gave me the book Wishcraft which is popular but advises how to make the world supply your needs without you having to change. That’s the basic idea of witchcraft is to make the world comply with your wishes and what your wit wants without submitting to God’s will.

So Gai’s a witch also because she says she doesn’t need Jesus can go directly to God. Her God is the devil because the real God teaches Jesus is needed by all.

So c’est la vie. I can say “Jesus is Lord” today for which I am eternally grateful.

I went to confession or tried to and the priest did not show up. This is the second confession time before Divine Mercy Sunday that he hasn’t shown up. So we’re toast here in Scott County, Kentucky and many will receive the Body and the Blood of the Lord unworthily on Sunday as they will have unconfessed sins because the priest did not show up for the one hour of confession for the week.

I don’t know what his trip is. I really and truly don’t. It ticks me off to no end though. That is the one time I will bust my butt to get to confession to get the blessing of Divine Mercy Sunday of sins blotted out but it only applies with confession.

So I would have confessed I am not a Catholic once again as well as the sin of lust in my heart etc. but now I also have the sin of rage that this wretched priest can’t be bothered to show up for confession not just for me but for all in this county and now I have to feel the weight of their sins too.

It stinks and I really don’t trust priests now. I confess it and I repent of my sin of idolatry that I could ever have faith in men and not G-d first and foremost. I have had gods before me and they are the gods in black robes who disable me and I become an eternal madwoman.

It’s now set in stone.

For another year….

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