600 Sex Abuse Lawsuits Expected to Hit Northern CA Dioceses in New Window for Accusers – NBC Bay Area

For the first time, attorneys representing hundreds of alleged sexual abuse victims against the Catholic Church say they have an idea of how many new accusers…
— Read on www.nbcbayarea.com/investigations/600-sex-abuse-lawsuits-expected-to-hit-northern-ca-dioceses-in-new-window-for-accusers/2471676/

I declined to be in a lawsuit so I can instead be a reporter. I have longed for vocational healing and this is job security because I very much doubt this will end anytime soon. My hero is Fr. Tom Doyle who truly cares for victims.

This Easter I worked as I went through a living waking nightmare of being raped mercilessly and killed. No experience is lost upon a writer, I have been taught.

At the end of the day I lived through it and had fish sandwiches at McDonalds as I tried to find places abused women could eat on Easter.

One I gave away to a young man for his dog. He looked like a youthful Uncle Sam. I got to see Mel, too.

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