Medina Spirit’s Heart Lives On

I wasn’t able to stay long at Medina Spirit’s wake because I had hitched a ride from another, but I was able to touch my rosary to his tombstone. His big Thoroughbred heart lives on as I was able to go to confession last night and that is indeed a miracle.

The ruby rosary was given to me at my confirmation by a dear lady whose pro-life advocacy has touched my own. The rosary itself was blessed by Pope Francis and so it is quite special.

Many nights I have held it in my hand when going to sleep to ward off the denizens of darkness when I sleep. That way I have the same protection that the sorority student had when she fended off Ted Bundy by the power of the most holy rosary. (As recounted in Champions of the Rosary by Fr. Donald Calloway).

Medina Spirit’s passing was not easy for those of us who love Thoroughbreds. I had wanted to stay and pray a rosary in front of his grave. The event moved me to tears.

I believe he blessed me to be able to return to confession. I hope to pay it forward…

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