The Rosary As A Recovery Tool

This morning I tuned in to Many Hail Marys at a Time broadcast on Instagram. It is an oasis of peace and harmony amidst the world and personal chaos.

Yesterday I brought my rosary that has mini basketballs as beads to Bridgehaven Mental Health Services. I am glad I did. Tragedy has hit there which I cannot go into because of confidentiality.

March Madness is a literal phenomenon now and not just in basketball. The world has a cagey madman—angry at the loss of prestige of Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union. So now it’s a bloodbath in Ukraine and the possibility of nuclear war.

I needed to have someone who cares in my corner yesterday. I now have a Jewish Mother who cares for me in her legacy of the holy rosary. It’s the treasure that is the best inheritance ever from being in a family who actually cares and wants the best for me, who wants me to recover and believes I can. How fantastic is that? That’s what the Holy Family offers everyone if we just reach out and grab hold of the lifeline that is the rope to rescue us out of the pit of ruin.

I am holding onto it for dear life…

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