Self-Healing Cookbook: My Path Forward

Tomorrow is Lent and the world is rattled by war and rumors of nuclear war. It’s a personal nightmare, too, only this one is real and my having a meltdown would not help the situation. It would help the enemies of my recovery, though. And so I must do what I can not to let that happen.

I am grateful I have a way to cope through macrobiotics. It has helped me and I must not forget it. I haven’t.

This cookbook is my very favorite and I have the older edition. It’s a classic.

I must also not forget that people have survived near ground zero of Nagasaki in 1945 who were fed macrobiotic meals in the hospital. It’s an historic fact.

So I do have miso and brown rice. And tomorrow I will fast on bread and water, but it’s a really wonderful whole grain organically grown spelt sourdough bread. I am very grateful to have it in my freezer. It’s delicious made in Ohio by Berlin Bakery.

And I will definitely pray as well for peace and freedom, as Pope Francis has encouraged all to do, believers and non-believers alike. That was the remedy the Messiah gave and the one Mahatma Gandhi used to liberate India. So it’s back to basics.


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