Judge rules assets at risk in Harrisburg Diocese Bankruptcy Proceedings – Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests

Judge rules assets at risk in Harrisburg Diocese Bankruptcy Proceedings – Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests
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Is declaring bankruptcy a Catholic value?

I was advised I should file bankruptcy by my brother who is the trustee of my special needs trust. He said there really is no way out of my level of debt without it. He may be right, from a human perspective.

My prospects are dim from most any point of view. I was disabled by Fr. Miles Riley and have been unable to support myself my entire adult life. I have worked but inevitably I get triggered in my post traumatic stress disordered brain and my brain begins to manufacture living, waking nightmares. Needless to say, they make me extremely unproductive and undesirable to be around. Medications help but don’t stop the delusions completely. Nothing has.

Now I am taking the most advanced treatment that was developed by the National Institute of Mental Health for people with brain disease to get people to be able to work. I can’t say I am a dream employee still. It may be far too much to ask.

One thing I know is that I do have hope. Somehow I will get out of this hole financially or perish trying, so help me G-d.

Bankruptcy may be a Catholic value but it’s not mine. I consider it stealing if I don’t do everything I can to settle my obligations. And Thou shalt not steal is one of those non-negotiable rules. So, maybe these Bishops don’t have the life experience I do to know that there is a Power greater than myself that can restore me to fiscal sanity.


One observer said that the greatest treasure in the Vatican is not any of the priceless works of art. It is the holy rosary.

So while the Bishops may not believe that, I do. It’s too much to ask their attorneys to see it that way. That would take the patron saint of lawyers, St Thomas More.

I am declining a lawsuit against the Archdiocese of San Francisco in lieu of finding greater support through a means they refuse to use to settle the just claims of victims whose lives they have destroyed.

When I succeed, by the grace of G-d, it will be proof of a Source available to all, not just Catholics because I am not a Catholic now. I do not believe the Vatican can contain its fallen priests nor help their victims to health. I do not. And because the Vatican has not found a way to use it’s own court system to so do, the courts of the nations have had to do so. That means the Vatican doesn’t follow Scripture nor the Founder’s direct intent. And I will just have to suffer in being defrauded by the Church–in a very big way.

I will turn to the one Source that I can and remain a Messianic Jew. Our Lady of Good Remedy raised funds to free slaves and she can help me from my bondage in my debts to Chase and American Express and First Interstate Bank. She is capable. I just need to do my part. It will prove she is there to help Gentile and Jew alike because it will take a miracle.

I do have assets in my trust that could pay off all my debts right now. In order for that to occur, it would take a greater miracle than the Archbishop settling with victims, even. I don’t count on that because it’s too much to ask. I can’t change the hearts of those who are determined dragons sitting atop assets reserved for me. They will be able to dwell on them and lord over them in perpetuity. I made the mistake of signing the trust documents because I caved to my mother hounding me. I was warned in a dream to get a lawyer before I signed anything from my family. It was St. Thomas More who warned me. Now I have to pay the steep price. I am enslaved legally by a document that sees no hope for me, ever.

So they’ve got me. They do. And I just need to turn to my true family now: a truly holy Jewish family–the Holy Family. I don’t pretend to be holy. But they still care. They still love me, not because of my being lovable, but because they love everyone.

And that rosary made of mini basketballs got me to Kentucky and it remains with me as a reminder of the humor of St. Thomas More. That rosary hangs on the thermostat as a reminder: Dr. J (which is what I called Doctor Jesus when in the psych ward who can heal the insane not just pass out pills) Dr. J, has got this–for him it’s a slam dunk!

“O Jesus I surrender myself to You! Take care of everything!” He can move mountains including mountains of debt and disability.

He got me here with my equine partner to witness to Him as the Faithful and True who rides on His white horse. I am here to bear witness that He is here, now. He is the Word that defeats all those weapons formed against me as legal death instruments. His Word is His bond and He is not bankrupt morally. That’s not who He is. It’s a shame His representatives don’t know that fact.

I do. Praise G-d!

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