Eating Fruit: Side Effects

While the article details the negative effects of not eating fruit, for me it doesn’t apply. I have a fructose intolerance and my body does not make the enzyme necessary to digest fruit sugar.

I well remember how I eventually had to be hospitalized after eating a fruit-juice sweetened cookie. It sent me into a mania from the brain inflammation and while I took medications to rebalance my brain chemistry, they did not work well enough to prevent my being in a very delusional state.

I ended up going to a same day care clinic asking for a pregnancy test and the MD saw I was so delusional that she had the sheriff take me to the psych ward.

I know a friend who knew my love of mangoes was really upset with me because I didn’t eat some she was nice enough to send me, but I really can’t afford to go into these awful brain states. In the episode I just described I had sent a very nasty email to someone who did not deserve it because my sick mind was convinced I had to to to protect my equine partner. It was totally uncalled for.

So I need to stay away from fruit and sugar as well. The last time I was hospitalized it was because I was given glucose because my blood sugar was so low and an ambulance had been called. They did the right thing. I have low blood sugar and it registered as 15, so they gave me glucose. I said to myself at the time, they are giving me this to save my life and I need to take it but this will have serious effects.

They next registered my blood sugar as 107, and in not many minutes later I must have blacked out. It was the day before Thanksgiving and the next time I was conscious was the day after Thanksgiving and they were admitting me to a psych ward. I was in a really terrible psychosis and believed that my aorta had been cut out. How I could be alive if that were the case, was not registering with me. That’s the living waking nightmare of psychosis. It makes no sense. For me in spite of the fact I really love fruit, it’s it definitely not worth it.

The fructose intolerance was diagnosed by a blood test by an MD. It’s not just a half-baked theory. And obviously I need to stay away from all refined sugar.

Lesson learned.

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