Swedish Bitters For Healing?


When I had my chemical dependency evaluation (at my request), I went into detail about how I used Swedish Bitters during college. For a while I made them myself from the herbs and alcohol. They sit in a glass jar for 2 weeks in the sun to cure.

I never drank the alcohol apart from the bitters and just had a tablespoon of the bitters in water once or twice a day and never had other alcohol outside of those bitters.

This went on for years.

So it was determined that I was not an alcoholic and the CD counselor checked with a supervisor to be sure. I certainly did have alcohol abuse at times when a teenager and when I had to leave a psychiatrist and went off my medication. I went into a terrible manic psychosis and turned to alcohol and it was very bad. I eventually ended up in a treatment program for the mentally I’ll homeless. Since then I have remained sober from alcohol although I do now again take Swedish Bitters and steam them on the stove to cook away the alcohol.

The bitters have saffron in them and that could be why they help my mood disorder. I don’t take more than 2 tablespoons a day. Recently I bought the dry herbs and made a batch with alcohol. I didn’t drink any of it and just used it to make the bitters.

I used them during the pandemic when I could get them. Sometimes there was a run on them because they are used to combat viral illness by some folks.

People are free to think what they want. I certainly didn’t use them instead of vaccination. I did both.

Maybe it helped my immune system. I am grateful for them because when I used them in college I went for 3 years without a manic episode, although I did have serious depression.

So I decided not to tell others about them in case they had an alcohol addiction. I used to tell people about them but then I thought what if someone has a relapse because of it and I didn’t know they were an alcoholic?

So I am not recommending them here. I am not interested in practicing medicine without a license and alcoholism is a serious affliction.

Every time I have been sexually assaulted, the perpetrator was under the influence, I suspect. It lowers inhibition. And that can be dangerous and deadly.

Enough said.

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