Mr.Trump’s Accountants Deem His Financial Statements Unreliable

This is a situation I know all too well. The persons in charge of money I was left cannot be relied upon to provide accurate financial documents. I look at them all as fictional. And I suspect funds are hidden in accounts not declared.

I could be wrong of course but the fact that I have not be given a complete third party verified accounting, ever, is a red flag. They believe I have paranoid schizophrenia in disagreement with every psychiatrist I have seen since I was first diagnosed when 17, including at one point being observed at Stanford University’s psych ward by Dr. Irving Yallom, MD who is a towering giant in the field.

But these overlords of my special needs trust know best. And in order to encourage my paranoia, they steadfastly refuse to follow the law in their accounting. So it’s gaslighting 101. And I just get to write about it and do because I am convinced they have pushed every button they could to get me to take my life.

I decline and I have kept the recording from many Christmases ago when I was repeatedly told what a burden I am. I said I was recording the conversation so it’s admissible in a court of law.

I realize I am a terrible burden to them and just want them to sign off to another professional manager who is bound by a professional code of ethics to follow the law and the trust as written. But they don’t want to do that because they have lots to hide.

I may never have a justice in my case. So I just am determined to do what I can to become financially independent. It’s a big task but why not try?

It’s my goal to become free of financial abusers. And today was a good day.

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