NYC Mayor Eric Adams Reversed His Diabetes—Now Promoting Plants

Offering whole plant foods in schools and hospitals and prisons is on the menu of initiatives for NYC Mayor Eric Adams. He nearly went blind from diabetes and has now reversed it.

I remember not being able to get plain beans while in the largest hospital in Billings, Montana. They said they weren’t available but they sold them in the cafeteria to the public at the salad bar. It made me try my hardest not to have to go to the hospital. I ordered 3 bowls of plain oatmeal with no milk nor sugar, 3 servings of plain broccoli and veggie burgers which probably had ingredients that weren’t ideal but I couldn’t get plain beans. Sometimes I’d have a plain salad and put V8 juice on it as dressing. I’d eat the same thing 3 times a day for as long as I was there.

The Mayor has a program at Bellevue. I wonder if the mainstream media will cover the results?

We’ll see.

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