Praying the Rosary for Vocational Recovery

Praying the rosary on my recovery birthday helped me connect with others who find comfort in the prayer. It’s the one thing I most enjoy doing with other people. Praying the rosary brings together people who look to the Holy Family for help.

I can leave behind my mistrust of others and all my issues and be washed clean with the cleansing prayers. It’s the most crucial part of my day by far.

I can also report that the miracle of the rosary in my life is that it is the one constant that has been with me in my adult life. In psychiatric hospitals, I would pray it. When homeless I would pray it. All the chaos that ensued when the fallen priest abused me, has not yet ceased. I did however find a way to cope with it that is portable and doesn’t depend upon people doing the right thing.

So for today I am exceedingly grateful that Many Hail Marys is on Instagram and I haven’t been banished nor do I become unable to function afterwards.

It’s a miracle really. Thanks be to G-d and the holy women who keep it going. If you want to find dear hearts, they are there every morning at 6:45 central time. It’s a blessing.

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