Pope Francis on the greatest human need


Perhaps that is why we who are survivors of priest sex abuse want to go to Court. We want to be heard. I decided against that course of action because somehow I will report on this tragedy that seems never to end.

Maybe it’s why I need to have so many hours of prayer a day to even have a reasonable recovery. It’s not because I am a good or holy person. Rather it takes hours to just get me centered enough not to go off the deep end and into eating myself to death or finding some man to obsess about who hasn’t the slightest interest in me. Making food my god or bad relationships my deity is where I go without logging in the hours of prayers.

I know I am heard by Him. Understandably, no one else cares. I really get it. The high school teacher in Afghanistan who died of starvation after not having eaten in 4 days–the Taliban didn’t care either. There are people in far worse shape and predicaments than I and I feel for them. I do.

I often feel the weight of those who committed suicide after sex abuse by priests. I feel their agony and despair and with each new revelation of abuse, the boulder gets heavier because no one is ending it.

The Pope will ask for prayers for everything but this elephant in the Sistine Chapel. No wonder Our Lady at Medjugorje repeatedly requests prayers for priests. They are powerless over this addiction and their lives are unmanageable. I get it. I do. I can’t fix it either.

“This kind goeth out only by prayer and fasting” is the Founder’s prescription. I wonder how many in the Vatican fast on bread and water on Wednesdays and Fridays as requested at Medjugorje?

I wonder.

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