Hell on Earth

Pope Emeritus Benedict gave predator priests a free pass previously, if reports yesterday are correct. Today the Catholic News Agency reports he is praying for victims.

Wonderful. I could really use the prayers. I really could but what is he praying for for me?

I don’t trust the Vatican and now I trust it even less. In fact I really don’t trust people in general and right now it’s taken all day to summon energy to even begin to function. This news hit me like the nuclear bomb a Russian legislator is threatening to send to Nevada.

I moved cross country for brain rehab and it’s progressing but on days like this I am back in the hellhole of depression.

My place is a mess of my own making and I cannot fathom how I will ever get it in order.

Maybe the Pope feels the same way about the Vatican and the Church. There’s really no fixing it, ever. All are powerless before the magnitude of the mess.

It’s one giant vortex of garbage it seems. Entropy rules and disorder holds sway.

Yeats seems the prophet of the hour as the worst are filled with passionate intensity. The Second Coming Yeats writes of is here and the rough beast dwells in Vatican City.

It’s Hell on Earth.

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