Forget-Me-Nots in the Absarokee, Montana Ditch

I enjoyed checking on the forget-me-nots growing in the ditch in the last town I lived in Montana while on walks. That doesn’t count when I lived in Columbus in my vehicle sometimes and in a motel also. When I had the funds, I stayed at a great motel.

I had given notice where I lived and when my ride fell through, it took some time to arrange another.

I really feared driving to Kentucky because I was afraid I would go into an episode and not make it there.

The Salvation Army was kind enough to give me a print out of a map. At the Hub in Billings which is a drop in center for the homeless or those in danger of becoming so, they gave me a cloth face mask because I wore bandannas for protection. I used that mask all the way there and through much of the next year until the elastic gave out.

Now I look back and realize that having to drive myself was far better than the overpriced ride I’d arranged.

I got to pray out loud with recordings most of the drive cross country and it was healing. It was worth moving to no longer have to try to depend upon that man for rides for my equine partner. And he’s free of having me as a customer, so it’s a win-win.

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