stigmatized anonymous: Spotlight

(Began on May 1, 2016 and left as a draft until today 1-13-22:)

The light shineth in darkness and the darkness comprehended it not…until the Spotlight focused the laser investigative beam upon the abuse in Boston. The abuse of power was at the top and continues unabated, it seems. I received a letter from the attorney of the archdiocese and that was it. Pastoral counseling is available to me and the lawyer said they reached out to me but that is news to me.

I had an attorney and that is a very good thing. At least it is registered that the abuse occurred now and maybe more victims will come forward.

How is it that the Lord sent me into the church today on May Day? I cannot receive Holy Communion until I become a Catholic and every time I have tried to take instruction I end up severely triggered in my post-traumatic stress disorder. I told Him, He would have to heal me first if He really wanted me to become a Catholic. Well, evidently He is in favor of flooding as a technique to overcome psychological blocks because He also had me watch the film Spotlight today.

I will remember this May Day and being the first adult to volunteer to read the first Hail Mary during the Living Rosary at Mother Mary’s grotto.

(I am adding now in 2022 that I then went to Billings from Columbus in Montana alone to watch the film Spotlight. It was a jarring and extremely triggering experience, but I resolved to do my part in exposing the truth, as I myself have been disabled since a priest abused me in 1976.)

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