The rosary with mini basketballs that got me to Kentucky

I kept it in my pocket in Montana during the Covid lockdown to keep me inspired to keep praying to get to Kentucky for my vocational healing. In truth, where I lived, I was able to do most of what I usually did because caring for animals was considered essential services and I was at the barn cleaning Mel’s stall and exercising him.

My mental state was not great but that is why I was moving: to get help I could not there. So the basketball rosary made me smile because it reminded me of the University of Kentucky.

I don’t pretend I am magically all better now. It’s exhausting doing Cognitive Enhancement Therapy but I have gone from not being able to use the self-checkout at the grocery store to being able to use it fine.

I just went to Kroger’s and picked up some broccoli sprouts and ate them before my Moderna booster shot I am waiting for now. Broccoli sprouts boost immune response according to Dr. William Li, MD who is a researcher as well as innovative physician and author/teacher.

So I was totally wiped out with the previous Moderna vaccinations for some time but it was very worth it. I receive services where people with the highest risk also go. I was recently exposed but just got the results of my test and it was negative so I immediately made the appointment for the booster shot.

Just was boosted after writing the last paragraph. Now to wait 10 minutes.

I had serious depression after the previous Covid jabs but it is far better than getting the disease itself. Of that I am positive. The systemic inflammation that caused the depression is nothing compared to a cytokine storm which I would be extremely susceptible to because of my overreactive immune system.

I don’t cherish the idea of a ventilator nor of hospitalization and steroids would send me into raging mania. No thanks!

That would be my ticket to the State psych ward here. I cannot imagine what steroids would do to me because I have avoided them like the plague, thanks to bipolar advocate and expert author Julie A. Fast. Even caffeine and sugar send me straight into manias. It’s not like they would want to deal with me. I know that already. And Mel would suffer because he’s used to daily attention from me. So I am now vaxxed and ready to go, thank you Moderna and CVS pharmacy Georgetown!

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