On Epiphany: I made it there to see the daylight

We were warned about the storm by the authorities in Kentucky. They were heeded, as Kroger’s was packed and sold out of many items. You know you’re in horse country when there’s a run on carrots!

I made it to Louisville and back to show up for my brain treatment care. A few miles before arriving, I was told it was canceled but I decided to go in and be tested for Covid as no appointments were available where I live for a while. I needed to get tested and cleared so I could get my booster shot. I was exposed when an unknown person in the computer group I attend there tested positive.

So then I planned to drop off an Epiphany gift but instead the recipient wanted to receive it from my hand. She did.

I was warned to leave by another angel because the roads were getting bad, so I did. It took forever to get home in part because google decided to give me a detour. Many accidents blocked the interstate.

On the wild google-chase I gave prayers for the will of G-d and then things were fine. I was centered again and knew I’d done what was asked and handed the gift in person even if it cost me dearly. I found my center in my heart, where He lives and reigns.

I made it home and then to the stable but in the 2004 Impreza everyone kept wanting me to sell for money. It had the winter tires on that made it safe to drive to the stable. And the headlight that had gone out, all of a sudden worked. It was my Epiphany miracle.

I saw the Light in the stable because I’d followed the Star, as did Melchior. And the blessed chalk marked the spot. I used to listen to the song Holy Water played in a Montana barn. It was a blessing to be at the stable on Epiphany, as I desired to be a stable nun. Finally it’s becoming true, thanks to Him.

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