Off-The-Wall—A Street Survival Journal: The Solution to My Problem

Thankfully, I have my answer to my crisis. I had fasted on bread and water to find a solution and found it. Fasting has not failed me ever and that’s how a Power greater than myself will lead me to fiscal sanity.

The Daniel Fast for A Financial Breakthrough, written by Susan Gregory, is the medicine for what ails me.

It is written, No (fiscal or legal) weapon formed against (me) shall prosper…and He is my inheritance…

I fasted on bread and water on the three days drive from Montana to Kentucky because I had no funds from the trustee for the trek. He expected me to crash and burn and have to be committed somewhere along the way, but this basket case made it. I have an awesome guardian angel!

So I need to keep remembering how he got me here in spite of all odds against me. The ride that backed out on me, I learned a big lesson. I can trust my guardian angel. He cares. And I am grateful.

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