Off-The-Wall—A Street Survival Journal: Bankruptcy as a Catholic Value?

Is it morally ethical to declare fiscal bankruptcy to avoid making legitimate amends for grave crimes? It’s part of the Catholic playbook now, at least in the United States.

We have freedom of religion enshrined in the U.S. Constitution and it’s a marketplace of possibilities for finding a Power greater than oneself. If poverty is a virtue, then perhaps being bankrupt is the greatest evidence of it. And so the Court at the Vatican now has its highest-profile case prosecuting financial misdeeds. That’s the top priority evidently.


The trustee of my inheritance thinks I should declare personal bankruptcy. I guess it’s the Catholic approach. He married a woman raised in that religion. I still have in the trust portfolio part ownership of an office building in Menlo Park, California which hasn’t been assessed in a number of years. Maybe Facebook would like a share because that’s the town where their headquarters are located. It’s not a low rent district, to put it mildly. Silicon Valley properties are not quite without market value.

Who knows?

I deactivated my personal Facebook page when I was moving and was sleeping in my car for a bit because my ride fell through. Being a disabled trust fund baby with my brother as trustee is not exactly always a picnic, but it’s grist for the writing mill.

So now, my quest for financial freedom and vocational rehabilitation is on the skids, it seems. Last year, the trustee decided not to pay for my blog, so I figured that was a sign from the Deity that I write on.

I may deactivate my Facebook account again but first wanted to post that Jeff Anderson and Associates is representing me in court to call to account the Archdiocese of San Francisco. I really don’t see why the U.S. government should have had to foot the bill for so many years when I became disabled by Fr Miles Riley’s sexual abuse in Mission Dolores in 1976–and have remained so since then, in spite of trying to recover. I had my first breakdown and first psychiatric hospitalization right after his “ministrations” and while I am getting help at a wonderful facility in Louisville, Kentucky, it seems I have no inheritance left to speak of, if my brother is to be believed.

Could be true—or not…Taking the Archdiocese to court is not a fiscal fix for me. It won’t come quickly and it will not be much money, probably.

Those who take delight in my having troubles should rejoice now. This is for you! Enjoy!

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