Off-the-Wall—A Street Survival Journal—the stigma of fear of fire

I escaped from what to me was an unacceptable risk of fire. It was truly a Godsend because I did not wait for the barn owner to deal with what the barn manager said was a fire hazard. I gave notice and then informed the fire department of what the barn manager said. Then I was given notice by the barn owner to leave in 10 days. And I did.

I cannot say why I keep finding myself in these situations but I do know what did not work at all and that was to trust the barn owner in 2012 to do the right thing. She didn’t and the tragic loss of lives was beyond horrendous.

I had had a meltdown in the process and that did not work well for me at all. So this time I did not go there and just did what I needed to do to get my equine partner to a safe place. I did not talk about it with anyone other than those I mentioned above.

I found in the process that I am still a reporter. I just am. And I paid a huge price for reporting to the fire department. This is a gigantic disruption in my life. But I have no regrets at all.

My guardian angel got me through this ordeal. I know that for sure and now I can move on to find a longer term place to board.

There is a light at the end of this tunnel of fire nightmares. Tonight I drove through the Southern Lights display at the Horsepark. I loved spending the fee to go through it because it was truly an extravaganza. I could leave the puny competition to the show behind and walk away and instead support a place that really cares about horses.

I had looked for the Christmas Star but did not see it. Instead that day I witnessed Mel’s total love and affection for Dr. Carlos’ after he reset his shoe along with Dr Craig. Their dedication to truly caring for horses was the Christmas Star I saw as the love flowed from Mel’s heart to theirs in gratitude. It was one of the most tender moments I have ever witnessed. Thank goodness for professionals who care, as they touch Mel’s heart deeply and warm my own as well.

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