My reason for leaving: recovery

I gave notice and have vacated with it cleaned and cleared and am waiting for my deposit back…So this is how I became homeless once again…

I contacted the Housing Authority and hopefully the management will be held accountable…or not…at any rate, I have hopes of finding a place in the future…but the trustee seems unwilling to use the money from my inheritance to help in any immediate way…

I expect to get the deposit back before I see any funding/backing from the one who is “family” and lord over my inheritance…I have trust issues galore but today will talk with a LegalShield attorney for a referral to take the trustee to court in Washington State where he resides…I have been unable to have a restraining order against him completed because he resides in another State…

I did try to have a welfare check done on him in the past when he was late in paying but that is tough, too…two counselors have said he may try to kill himself if he is backed into a corner, so I have that weighing upon me as well, but I told his trust attorney to call a welfare check if he sees that anyone does anything to defend me or my case so as to cause the trustee distress…so far, he is not held to account, although Adult Protective Services is now involved in my case again…

I am grateful to have given notice and vacated and have shown I will put my recovery first, which is what it takes to be one of the one one hundredth of one percent of formally obese persons who have become normal in weight and stayed that way, according to statistics quoted by neuroscientist Susan Peirce Thompson, PhD…I do not follow her protocol but have learned much from her example and work…

Today I am what Dr. Thompson says is the goal of her program: to be “happy, thin and free”…I am happy to be in recovery albeit in a different way than she…Thanks be to the holy rosary–my lifeline in recovery in this shipwreck of a life of mine!

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