Off-the-Wall Street–a journal of a non-violent resistance to abuse of trust (March 2, 2020)

Thankfully, I can now find my way to freedom from money drunkenness through non-violent resistance to injustice and abuse of trust. When the trustee submitted fraudulent documents to the manager of the federally-funded housing place I live, I knew that was the end. And so it is.

I have no contact with the trustee and he can pay or not whatever he wants. It is all in his hands. Whatever he wants to do, he is free to do.

I just refuse to cooperate in this fraudulent scheme. That’s all.

He listed the expenses which are demonstrably false. And I won’t take part in it any more. No one cares on this Earth and that is fine. They don’t have to. I do not expect anyone to do anything. Why should they?

No one cares to stop the trustee from violating the law. Not one person. So he will.

And I am done, completely.

End of story.



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