stigma blog: on discernment

Pope Francis said, according to Father Bart Stevens recorded in a homily, “Open your heart to the Holy Spirit to discern what the will of God is.” For Father Bart, this is not correct.

The Holy Father Pope Francis has my vote on this approach, though. St. Teresa of Avila, a Doctor of the Church, wrote of the Interior Castle and indeed, that is where my King resides. It is not easy to discern these days and I truly like the “Marian Option” as described in a book by that name in taking the holy rosary to the culture.

The new rosary that is worn as a bracelet and has an electronic recording of some sort is an example, as is the SoulCore movement of praying the rosary while doing stretches and core exercises.

I envision SoulCore taking Europe by storm as a way that the body-conscious European culture can re-embrace it’s roots and have churches used for this kind of prayer which is also a physical workout.

Maybe also the Daniel Fast cuisine of plant-based whole foods can also be served to all as a way of prayer and fasting.

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