stigmatized and marginalized by consent

Who cares what Pope Francis thinks about anything? I thought I wanted to have a dialogue with him about what it meant to be a priest sex abuse survivor, but now I really do not care. I just do not.

He has his path and his followers and they are free to worship him or revere him or whatever. I do not.

I do not care about the Catholic Church’s view on this or that because it just feels so hollow and vacant. It is one more fallen woman who is out to get me and kill my soul. It is not a spotless bride and it was not for St. Francis of Assisi either. It was in need of repair then and now it is way beyond in desperate need. Who will care to rebuild?

I know not.

It is just one more devouring mother to me. It just wants to swallow me up and destroy me. My soul would be no more and it would just be collateral damage. Image is all and my demise is necessary to maintain the image of perfection and the ideal of the one true church of Jesus Christ.

That’s alright, I guess. Whatever.

I am gone and no one cares and that is good. They can maintain their sanctity of their exalted path.

Their faith is intact and that is good. I do not want to destroy anyone’s faith. I just want to not be devoured by their hypocritical self-righteous appetite for souls demise at the altar of their worship of men as gods–the priests who repeat the sins of the Pharisees. And the Lord Christ Jesus is crucified once again and again and again in the victims who have perished. These fallen priests are perfectly possessed and are the Devil incarnate just as Caiaphas was.

The Magisterium is but another Pharisaical parasitical body of ravening wolves, truly.

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