stigma blog–the burden I am

Cain asked, Am I my brother’s keeper? Well, I hope to be able to work again but so far it has not happened.

I am able to write even if I cannot stop my brother’s wrongs and no one else can either. That is alright. He gets to have his sad, pathetic life without a conscience and he can have that as his legacy for his kids. That’s his choice and I honor it completely and I totally forgive him because he has a far worse disease than I have. He is a very sick man indeed.

I am grateful I have a conscience and tonight I truly know that I can be free of his domination of my life completely. He spent a few Christmases ago telling me on the phone repeatedly what a burden I was. I get it. I do.

He’s going to be free of me and my being a burden to him very shortly. He will be able to go on doing illegal things with others and I won’t have to be abused by him any more.

Thank You, O LORD G-d! I will have a life and I will be able to work, thanks be to You and my Saviour….Rabboni, You are the greatest! I cannot wait to see how You will answer my Daniel Fast for a Financial Breakthrough….



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