StigmaBlog: query for sheriff candidates

Next Tuesday is the primary election in Montana and I have emailed the two sheriff candidates a question and I wanted their answer in writing so I could quote accurately and without editing.

I posed this question today by email:

Do you support having psychological autopsies for every suicide in the coroner’s office, as Suicide Prevention Specialist for the State of Montana Karl Rosston recommends?

answer from Gary Timm, candidate in Stillwater County, Montana:

“Dear Caroline, I feel a psychological autopsy would be beneficial in rare, but high profile cases, but but not in every suicide case that comes through the sheriff’s office.

The reason being is this; it would take extensive training, education and manpower to complete this program. The main issue would be funding for something like this. The money is not there for the basic needs for people with mental disorders, PTSD, etc. to prevent suicides. Most suicide cases are easy to decide as to the cause of why, because of a note behind, medical reasons, or a catastrophic event that occurred in their life.

I would like to see more suicide prevention programs and assistance.

Thank you for your kind words and support for all EMS, and law enforcement within the county.”


I thank Gary Timm for responding on such short notice.

I will not at this time elaborate upon my interest in this topic nor my email to them, as I would have to put into context something that I cannot do proper justice to right now. If the other candidate responds to my email, I will post it on this blog.


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