Stigmatized blog…no more?

I thank the LORD God for helping to see my part in all my troubles and a way out! I do process through writing and I am very fond of the Pennebaker Method of working through trauma with writing.

“By thy words thou shalt be justified, by thy words thou shalt be condemned” and that is a fact. I cannot say where my life will go from here, but I may not continue with my blog on stigma–or at least about what I have experienced as stigma myself. Instead I may focus on what others experience. I do not know for sure.

I read the book “Black Like Me” and then later “Soul Sister” when I was in junior high school. It was about the experience of being African American in America at that time. Both authors changed their appearance to become visibly “black” to other people and then wrote about what that was like. They were powerful testaments to the stigma against people of dark skin in America.

I have this desire that many might call perverse, to don a burka or maybe just a headscarf and go to various places of worship and see how I would be received. I suspect it would not be pleasant at all.

What would Jesus do? How would He wants His followers to act towards others whom they perceive as needing conversion?

A professed Christian I know has prayed for calamity to come upon her employer so she may be converted to Christ. The prayer was answered and calamity came upon her and the one who prayed thusly as well, but the conversion did not happen, as far as I know. Or perhaps that prayer of malintent was answered by a force that was unholy and it did indeed make the employer even more entrenched in trying to escape the stony-faced god of condemnation that the one who prayed embraced.

I cannot say for sure, as I have no contact with any of these folks anymore and it is just as well. They are free to follow their dreams of whatever they deem best for themselves.

All I know is that the Rabbi who shook the world with His example did not attract followers by invoking destruction to bring them to Him. I know I do not have anything at all of the personal charisma He had–none whatsoever. That is my problem and my issue and at least I can not misrepresent Him to others. What I can say is that I know for sure that He is here for any and all including those who, for whatever reason, are not at all attractive in any way to others–those who have some huge deficit in their beings that makes them not desirable to be around on a regular basis. It is not others’ problems, but my own and I do know this for sure: He is there for those of us in that situation and I am exceedingly grateful. That is my witness.


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