Thank You, Our Lady of Good Remedy!

Thank you for coming through for the victims in the Archdiocese of Great Falls-Billings! Thank you for being Our Lady of Good Counsel! Thank you for getting the settlement and that the victims have some resolution and justice. Thank you for not abandoning them, Our Lady!

Thank you for being the Director of Stewardship Emeritus for the Diocese, at least as I see it and perhaps the Bishop does now, too. Thank you for showing us all a way forward out of this travesty. Thank you for being in my life and not giving up on me and I also thank my patron Saint Thomas More, who is patron saint of lawyers. I know he had a hand in this victory, as well.

As you know, many, many years ago in Palo Alto, California I was invited into the apartment where two men lived together as a couple. They had rosaries displayed on all the walls carefully hung as the centerpiece of the place. The two men were devoted to you and I do not know if they were Catholic or not. I was not but I did pray the rosary daily and I was struck by their devotion to you.

I may never have become a Catholic. It took years and years before I could complete RCIA because I always had breakdowns and did not know why. I have no idea about how to navigate the mess that is human sexuality at present, but I do trust in you. I know that you have a plan. You said to Saint Dominic that those who persevere in praying the rosary would not perish and that “I shall deliver from Purgatory those who have been devoted to the Rosary.”

I hang on those words, Holy Mother. I cannot for the life of me understand how men of the cloth who see what has been done to souls in your Son’s Name, can categorically condemn people with non-traditional sexual relationships and exclude them. While my issue is with idolatry of men, I know that others who are outcast because of their sexuality have been some of the kindest people to me throughout my life.

The one group of people Our Lord castigated most vehemently was the self-righteous religious leaders full of hypocrisy. He minced no words.

I do not understand much of God’s plan for sexuality and I am not arguing with Him. I just believe you have a plan out of this mess and I am grateful. I believe that people can bring everything to you and you will help them with anything and everything including the divine plan for all their relationships. I now have complete confidence in you being able to do just that and I surrender myself completely to you and desire to write of your miracles through the holy rosary.

I am grateful to be able to daily pray the prayers of the Angelic Warfare Confraternity and one day I hope to be officially enrolled, which takes a Dominican priest. Dominicans are the Order I most trust and I now see a way forward to becoming a lay Dominican nun myself if it is indeed God’s will and He has truly called me. As Our Lady of Peace, you repeatedly called for all to pray for priests and I know I must continue to do so and that “this kind goeth out only by prayer and fasting.” I have firsthand personal experience of what can happen when they are not prayed for diligently and I never want that to happen to any child again.

Thank you so much again for coming through for the victims, including Juan Carlos Cruz who is now meeting at the Vatican. Thank you from the depths of my being.

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