Stigmatized–the blog of triple trouble

Thanks be to God I slept deeply and soundly with no help from Pharma! I am thrilled that my recovery is intact, by the grace of God.

I meditated for some time before going to sleep and then did not use the emWave. The type of meditation I used is the best and most profound for me and I learned it as a teenager. It works best to give me optimal brain wave patterns, as I know from when I had neurofeedback and tested various ways to achieve the goals. It worked better than HeartMath.

This morning I felt such a deep peace as I have not felt since meditating in the chapel at Sacred Heart High School. I realized that was what was taken from me at Mission Dolores by the fallen priest–my peace. Now I know everything will work out. Even if I go through all kinds of trials and tribulations, I have Him in my heart.

I also realize it took Our Lady, Queen of Peace, to give me the medication that would restore my mind–prayer (to the rosary) and fasting (on bread and water, as She teaches from Medjugorje). The best medicine comes from Medjugorje and She is my doctor, too. I am a work in progress, but I now know where I can go for continuing healing. I have the triple trouble of addictions, mental illness and brain injury, but She has not given up on me. Thank you Dr. Holy Mary! I am so grateful I consecrated myself and Mel and all I am supposed to be steward over again to Her during the Nineveh 90. Whether housed or unhoused, I will remain loyal to Our Lady, who gave me to greatest gift today of peace of mind, by the grace of God. Thank you O Queen of Peace!




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