stigmatized non-anonymous: day 3 of 9 days of pleading with St. Joseph the Worker to end my disability and find gainful employment

Thank You O God for hearing and answering my prayer for a path forward and a friend in St. Joseph the Worker to help me and who is working through my Vocational Rehabilitation counselor! I can see an end in sight to my affliction. It may take time but You have heard my prayers and are answering them and I thank You and Your servant St. Joseph the Worker.

I do have a lot of work that I do, it is just on a volunteer basis and You know of it. Now I have been given a road to walk upon and I just need to continue on it and “run with patience the race that is set before me.”

Thank You for working through the HeartMath brain training program which is helping my brain to heal and especially thank You for always being there for me in the holy rosary and the story of the Dominican priest whose brain healed after a stroke through the holy rosary. I do have a calling as a lay Dominican nun because the one constant in my adult life is the holy rosary and it has been the one thing I could always count upon on Earth. Thank You O God!

I know You and You alone will be there for me and guide me as to how to earn a living to pursue the financial recovery that will prove to the world that there is no situation, no matter how impossible it seems that cannot be solved through the holy rosary. So today I will begin a rosary novena of 27 days in petition and 27 days in thanksgiving for specifically this intention of guidance to show me how to earn a living and the ability to do so and overcome all disability. Thank You! Amen.

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