stigmatized anonymous:the bother of brother

My Saviour says in scripture, “I come not to send peace but a sword…and enemies shall they be of their own household…” This is fulfilled in my life this day. It is not because I wanted my brother to be my enemy because somehow I thought it was my duty to save him, but that was my pride. Their is only one Saviour and He is Christ the Lord.

It was my brother who unfriended me on Facebook, not I. He has broken the law in his management of my Special Needs Trust and yet there seem to be no consequences to him. It is business as usual.

I am currently under an eviction order through his attorney by email. It turns out that even that is not being done according to Montana law. Oh well! I will be out of there by Wednesday and that is that. The place was my home office legally, as a place of business, as it was registered as such by the post office since I received mail there. I did have my computer set up there and now I type at a public computer in the lobby of the subsidized housing where I now dwell. I do not know if or when I will be able to get my computer set up. I do have an iPhone and an iPad upon which I can type and post but I do not compose well on them as the constant auto-correct interrupts my flow and the mini iPad’s screen constantly switches back and forth at random.

So, here I am and I am grateful for a desktop computer and for my life. My brother wishes to dictate where I live, perhaps so I can live under the threat of eviction constantly. I am not interested–not in the slightest, to that form of abuse. I am not interested in being under his gun at all.

He is not the high priest of my life. I have an Advocate now and He is my Counselor and in Him I trust. I have a new Employer now, too, as my writing business is in His Hands. In the Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust, now and always…Thank You Lord for coming to my defense! Amen.

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