suicide is not painless to the soul

Kill yourself and the pain is gone, the tempter beckons. Is that the truth?

Not on your life! You reap what you have sown and destruction deconstructs the soul. The psyche is real in spite of the fact that they have taken the psyche–the soul–out of psychiatry. I bear witness to the suicide of two people who were wedded to their illusion that things would be better if their bodies were dead. Where are they now? Are they at peace? I think not.

I had a dream where they beckoned me to give up my macrobiotic path and eat steak. Feed the carnal mind with the carnage and feed the beast of suicide through ingesting trauma. I did not bite because I do not need to take on the pain of the cattle in addition to the agony I already feel about their violence against themselves and their cats.

I know they are not resting in peace. How could they? Their energy was so far from peaceful as to be polar opposite. Where did that energy go? It will not settle upon me, by the grace of God. May you learn your lessons well now, you two. I give it over because I refuse to take on your anger, your fury, your rage. I am calm now, by the grace of God and they are free to reap the grim reapings they’ve sown. I beckon the Death Rider to move on. I am not hitching myself to that NightMare. Good bye.


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