statute of limitations

Well, the time has run out on accountability for the fallen priest. He gets away with attempted murder of my soul. Lord Jesus says to fear not those who kill the body but rather fear those who can destroy the soul in Hell. I am not afraid of the dark priest in his black robes who stole my sanity and violated my trust–not anymore. He has his own whirlwind to reap someday, as he sowed his dark seeds in dishonor. I was oppressed by his dank spirits but I have survived and I intend to thrive, by the grace of God. I will write my way out of this Hell-hole once and forever.

The worldly statute of limitations has expired, but the Court of Heaven knows no such strictures. One day he will have to face his Maker and receive his just reward, whatever that may be. “Vengeance is mine saith the LORD, I will repay.” It is in Your Hands now O Lord, and I am grateful I was not raised to believe that I had to have the Catholic Church and priests in order to obtain salvation. Lord Jesus judge me now fully and wholly and truly, for I would submit to Your complete and entire judgment here and now. Thank You, for you judge justly. Remember Your children whose souls have been shattered by Your mis-representatives. They may never come to Your blessed Feet because of what was done to them. The dark deeds were not merely of the body but instead also could lead to the very death of the soul by ones whose souls themselves were headed to Hades. Evidently they wanted company, these fallen wolves in shepherd’s clothing. Well, I refuse to join the wolf/priest and You, O Hound of Heaven, can keep the yowling ones at bay. How You must weep over what hath been done to souls in Your Church! I cannot imagine, Lord. How would You have me pray?  I pray not to be anyone’s prey anymore and give the Lord’s Prayer: “deliver us from evil…” Amen.


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